Introducing : The man with the golden heart.

Yes, we all  agree that corruption has crept into our system silently, steadily n stealthily. Everyone, including our national leaders to the auto guy and paan waalla wants to cheat you and make some easy money. Red-tapism and nepotism has shrouded the democratic republic that once was India. We all claim that our country is on the highway to hell and even  the “Anna” cannot rescue us.image

As a doctor, I regret to accept that our medical system is also hijacked into this dark world. Every doctor, every lab, every pharmacist wants to extract an extra rupee. The feel of the notes satisfy more than the contentment of the patient.

Having experienced this sad plight of overcharging patients even in so called “mission hospitals”, I had given up on trying changing the system. I just became another blind mice in the maze of corrupt medicine. I just took to writing, to vent out my frustrations about this gross injustice.


However, in one of those social networking portals I came across a man called “Morpheus”. I was jarred with his conviction to clean the dirty waters of medicine where doctors happily waddle in. He told me that healing profession has to be cleaned, somebody has to make a move, and somebody has to start it. At the end of the day the patient should not suffer.

When I stumbled upon someone with so much dedication to right the wrongs, I was jarred. When we doctors just sit around and do nothing to even initiate a change, a man with no medical background whatsoever has done his homework about the clutter that warps the medical system of the country. And he is resolute to tidy the place up, one state at a time.

Let me introduce you to the man with a golden heart: Mr. Raghavendra Chandrashekar Rao , a 36 year old gentleman from Bangalore. Although he graduated in arts and was in “sales”, he serendipitously charted into “medical “waters.

In 2001, he secured a job in a pharmaceutical company called TTK health care. In a short while he toured most of the cities in south India and did a pilot survey about the existing system. He was moved byt the pathetic model of health care practiced in most states. He vowed to bring about a change.

He moved to Reliance science labs in 2003. Although he had a job description of sales analyst, he moved into other functional areas of the lab. He took the first few steps in his medical marathon here. The most difficult thing in health profession is acquainting yourself with the Latin lingo.

His hunger to understand his job better made him do extensive in depth analysis of everything that goes around in the lab. He self educated himself by reading online, buying basic medical text books, taking help from the doctors and the para-medical staff around.Later he attended workshops within reliance life science where they would improve your medical skills. He was taught to do a phlebotomy, measure the blood pressure, blood sugar

In a brief span of time from 2003 to 2008, he pretty much earned a medical degree. Starting from absolute basics of medical language, he self tutored himself about the various disease conditions and their pathology. He mastered the microbes. Learnt basic medical transcription , pharmacology and their usage. He even tried hard to bridge communication gaps between the doctor and the patient by patiently explaining to the patient ,about their medical condition and slowly answering all their queries.

Although he briefly quit the medical field to be the director of a prestigious advertising firm. He quit his job as he realised that the health system was his real calling.

In 2010 he set up his first diagnostic centre, Medixx diagnostics, in Hyderabad.

Medixx diagnostics is a  medical laboratory system conducting basic biochemistry, pathology and microbiological test. Medixx diagnostics is under liberty health foundation, a charity set up by Raghavendra and his wife.

The initial plan was to use the profits from the lab to set up a free clinic. However due to the slow turnover of patients and the soaring cost of placating doctors who send their patients he has to decided to go ahead with launching the free clinic without waiting for the butter to rise from the milk.

The free clinic was set up in Hyderabad, on October 3rd, 2011. It has been set up in the same grounds as the Diagnostic centre. The clinic has initially started as a evening clinic. It has a dedicated team of doctors and other staff, who share the same spirit as Raghavendra. The clinic caters, to anyone who cannot afford private care. It provides free consultation, medicines and investigations if required. There are no fees whatsoever. The clinic is not funded by any NGO or charitable organisation.

Ragavendra envisions increasing the number of free clinics, health reach out camps for slum areas, blood grouping and haemoglobin camps among school children. He also intends to set up a free diabetic care centre, to cater to diabetics without proper support in the state. He also plans to start a low cost mother and child hospital in the next five years.

His agenda is outright simple, health is gift and it ought to be kept free.




Note: this is not an advertisement. Since, I was moved by this genuine act of humanity. I thought it needed a mouthpiece.

To know more, kindly contact @morphius1375 or @libertyhealthf on twitter .

Mr.Raghavendra Rao, Medixx diagnostics,#1-5-86/2, Gangaputra Colony, Old Alwal, Sec’Bad – 500010

Telephone- +91-040- 27973944 ,27962944

Disclaimer : information and images, as provided by Mr.Ragavendra.


14 thoughts on “Introducing : The man with the golden heart.

  1. Appreciate the sentiment behind this post but doesn’t it worry you that this man is ‘self-taught’? As a member of the medical community, don’t you feel this could encourage a dangerous trend?

    • hello Purnima,
      thanks for reading and commenting, actually Mr.Raghavendra does not treat patients, he has just set up a free clinic. he has employed qualified doctors, staff nurses and para medical staff in his clinic. he only coordinates their activity.

  2. I am so glad you shared this with me! Touched, inspired. It is truly easy to get overwhelmed with all that is wrong, and yet not impossible to make a change to the degree we ARE able.

    Kudos to @morphius1375 for his tenacity and passion, and to you for having the large heart to recognize it 🙂

    • thank you for taking the time to go through this post!

      yeah most of the time, we just see some wrong and crib about it ,and do nothing else.
      and the sad part is unless we go to the line of fire and do something, the situation remains the same.

      raghavendra is a great guy, to follow his heart, and to do his part.

  3. I shared Purnima’s concern above and immediately after, saw your reply. That seems to put things in the right perspective and I commend your largesse to spread the word. Hats off to @morphius1375 and may his tribe increase! I am motivated…..

  4. I was touched to read & know about Shri Raghavendra ! A very good effort by him..He is a God sent Angel to this world of poor & needy ..May he be more suvcessful in this kind endeavour of his..My prayers & best wishes for him..Kudos to you too !

  5. Thanks for bringing this to my notice. I follow @Morphius1375 on twitter, but never knew he was such a humanitarian. Maybe someday, when the turmoil in my life has settled a bit, I will contribute something to this cause. I know I sound hypocritic by placing myself before the greater good, but, if I am a beggar myself, no point in trying to give alms away, right…

    Once again, good work highlighting this post. I think you should consider running this piece as an interview on student BMJ. If you are interested in spreading word of this endeavor through official publication/media, consider dropping me a line at my mail (pranab AT pranab DOT in).


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